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Kurt's Card Spray and Polish Combo is 100% handmade.


The polish is all natural and free of abrasives, artificial colors and fragrances. Works on minor surface issues, dull refractors, age spots and other commons surface issues from age or the factory. Designed for cards with a glossy finish. Ex Prizm, Optic, Chrome, refractors and holo finishes. Safely remove the stuff you don't want and restore the finish.


Our 1 ounce cleaning spray is the perfect blend to clean fingerprints, smudges, ink spots, and even reduce dents and wrinkles on vintage paper cards. It's quick drying so you will not have swirls, discoloration or stains. Apply with a small microfiber and your card is clean in just seconds.


Please visit the best practices page for specific advice by card type.  Rule #1 - always practice on base cards.


For international orders to countries not listed in shipping options, please email

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Kurt's Card Spray and Polish Combo

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