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Our Origins

I fell in LOVE with sports card collecting when I was around 10 years old and it has been a big part of my life ever since. I love searching for cards in the wild. Whether it's boxes from my youth, garage sales or online. Like most collectors I love beautiful cards and when you find a box from 20 years ago there is a good chance you will have surface issues, 20 year old fingerprints, smudges and corner and edge issues.


The internet is the wild west for card prepping techniques. I have seen the videos of guys packing car wax into collectible cards and spraying glass cleaner and other risky products on them. These products are full of fake colors, abrasives, fragrances and toxins. These products are not for cardboard.


I could never find a safe and reliable card care product. Several years ago I decided to use my love of collecting, chemistry and cardboard to develop the first products to safely clean collectible cards, restore and treat edges. My products are not designed to hide imperfections or alter the card. Actually the opposite. The product does not stay on the card. You remove it and when you do it removes the minor issues that affect the cards surface. My products are great at removing anything that happens to be on cards and gets them back to a factory like finish when possible. Some issues are just not fix-able. After years of making my products for myself and friends with great results I am excited to share it with you. Happy Collecting and thank you for visiting.




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