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Best Practices for
Trading Card Game Cards

Pokemon Card Cleaning

Please use the tips below when working on your vintage and paper cards.  If you have any concerns, please reach out before working on your card.  

Send us a message.

TCG Card Cleaning Do's and Don'ts

Polish Do's

  • We have found that almost all Pokemon cards from 1996 to current (this includes but is not limited to Bandai, Carddass, Topsun and other different language cards.) you can use the Spray and Polish successfully.

  • Use clean applicators every new session and if you need to order more, I have Amazon links for the applicators here: Polish/Spray Applicators

  • Keep the polish between 68-72 degrees for best performance. 

  • When applying polish to an applicator, do it softly, like spreading butter on bread.  Do not smash it up and dig into it. Gentle.  

  • To keep it fresh keep it out of light and the lid on tight.

Polish Don'ts

  • We have found when it comes to the newer sets of Pokemon they have changed their top coating/layer to have a light powder coating of some sort on the top of it. (Such as some of if not all the amazing Japanese Promos.) We are talking about the Stary Holoing on the top of the card, the ones such as the Triple Beat Set of Pokemon (mainly the ex’s) also Scarlet & Violet.  These cards you can use the spray on without any issues, but when it comes to the polish due to them having no protective layer on the top of this fine powder coating. The Polish tends to completely take this off leaving only what is covered by a clear coat behind. So these cards we'd recommend you stay away from when using the Polish. These are very beautiful cards so lets keep them that way.

  • Certain foil accents are easy to remove too. If polish ever dries on your card. Don’t try scratching it off. Just apply some more on top and it will remove all of it. This happens when you don’t remove it fast enough. 


Spray Do's

  • Use the spray before the polish to remove residues, stuck on stuff, heavy finger prints…whatever “stuff” happens to be on your card. Spray is great at getting the surface back to factory like by removing whatever happens to land on the card. Pokemon cards from 1996 to current (this includes but is not limited to Bandai, Carddass, Topsun and other different language cards.) you can use the Spray successfully.

Spray Don'ts

  • Do not spray directly on the card.

  • Do not scrub the surface with force. You will remove or break the paint. Just gently wipe the trouble areas with spray applied to a cotton applicator. lightly and have patience.


Card Tool Do's

  • Use the tool to help get the edges and corners back in place. This works well in combination with humidity treatments then resting between discs. Most TCG cards are thin and rigid. Sometimes just letting them rest between discs after humidity is the best option for lifted edges or corners. 

Card Tool Don'ts

  • Don’t push hard and always use a penny sleeve in-between the surface of the tool and card for added protection. The paint is easy to remove on TGC cards so take your time and do not use force. If you create friction you will move the paint. 


Bottom Line: To AVOID any potential mistakes test everything on a base card before you go for the 1st Edition Charizard. Base cards from the same set are made of the same material and they will teach you how to successfully work on your best cards. 

Do not use polish on Pokemon
Stary Holo surfaces or Pokemon 151 Reverse Holo Variants

Pokemon card collection

Do not use polish on Pokemon
Vintage Wizards of the Coast Pokemon with the holo covering the entire card or holos with glossy finish.


Pokemon card collection
Pokemon card restoration
Pokemon card cleaning
Pokemon card restoration

Kurt's Card Care Kit Overview

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