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Best Practices for
Paper and Vintage Cards

Vintage and paper cards best practices

Please use the tips below when working on your vintage and paper cards.  If you have any concerns, please reach out before working on your card.  

Send us a message.

Vintage and Paper Card Cleaning Do's and Don'ts

Polish Do's

  • Many Paper cards have a protected clear coat on the front but not always on the back. If the front of the card needs the shine restored you can use the polish. 

  • Use clean applicators every new session and if you need to order more, I have Amazon links for the applicators here: Polish/Spray Applicators

  • Keep the polish between 68-72 degrees for best performance. 

  • When applying polish to an applicator, do it softly, like spreading butter on bread.  Do not smash it up and dig into it. Gentle.  

  • To keep it fresh keep it out of light and the lid on tight.

Polish Don'ts

  • Do not use polish on unfinished cardboard. It will soak into he card and likely ruin it.


Spray Do's

  • Use the spray to gently remove surface dirt/age spots. The spray works great at removing small dents and creases on paper cards. The spray can also be used lightly on edges and corners to get them back to their original shape. When using the spray to remove dents/creases keep it light. After dent or crease fixes I suggest letting the card rest between plexiglas discs available here: Plexi Glass Round

Spray Don'ts

  • Do not spray directly on the card. Apply with an applicator. 

  • Do not scrub the surface with force. You will remove or break the paint. Just dab the trouble areas lightly and have patience. Some card fixes take 5 minutes. Some take 5 days. 


Card Tool Do's

  • Use the tool to help get the edges and corners back in place. This works well in combination with the spray or humidity treatments. 

Card Tool Don'ts

  • Do not press hard ever. Its not a force this its more of a repetition and patience. If you push hard you will remove paint or potentially indent the card. 


Bottom Line: To AVOID any potential mistakes test everything on a base card before you go for the Mickey Mantle or Michael Jordan. Base cards from the same set are made of the same material and they will teach you how to successfully work on your best cards.

Kurt's Card Care Kit Overview

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