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How to Remove Gum Stains from Baseball Cards

Many vintage cards from the 1950s through the 1990s were packaged with bubble gum, which could leave unsightly stains on the cards if not properly stored.


The History of Gum in Baseball Card Packs:

In 1933, Goudey Gum Company introduced the concept of including bubble gum with baseball cards to increase sales during the Great Depression. This innovative marketing strategy was a hit with children, who eagerly bought the packs for the gum and the chance to collect their favorite players' cards. Other companies, such as Topps and Fleer, followed suit, and the tradition of packaging bubble gum with baseball cards continued for decades.

The gum served two purposes: it enticed children to buy the packs and provided a protective layer between the cards, preventing them from sticking together. However, over time, the gum could deteriorate, leaving sticky residue or stains on the cards, which could diminish their value and appearance.

Removing Gum Stains from Sports Cards:

Products Used:

Gum stains on baseball cards can be a frustrating issue for collectors, but with the right techniques and tools, they can be safely removed. Check out our recent Wednesday Night Live for all things bubblegum.

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